It Begins With A Death (A Crossmare Story) ((Old Version, Not Poggers))

It Begins With A Death (A Crossmare Story) ((Old Version, Not Poggers))

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Don't let anyone see who you truly are.

That was the first rule Cross learned as a child. Don't let anyone see your tail. Sirens weren't meant to be seen by anyone; and if some poor soul happened to spot one, they would be dead by the end of the day. To humans and monsters, sirens were a legend. The sirens wanted it to stay that way.

After all, who knew what would happen if anyone found out?


Cross lived a relatively peaceful life in a small village by the sea with his friends, his father and his two little brothers Frisk and Chara. Things were great. That is, until pirates came to the village, killing and burning everything in sight and taking prisoners.

Prisoners that include Frisk.

Fueled by anger and the need for revenge, Cross went in search for the pirates that destroyed his life. He didn't think about the one rule that was drilled into his mind from the moment he was born. He didn't care.

He was willing to do anything to get his brother back; including risking capture by the most dangerous pirate in the world.


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