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A Wolf's Revenge #Watty's2015

A Wolf's Revenge #Watty's2015

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Jel By JelGold Completed

Harmony is a Wolf, not the Werewolf that are tamed but a full blooded Lycan. She should be a feral Alpha-Female that is worthy of any Alpha-Male. But she isn't she almost completely rejected her Wolf. Leaving her weak as a newborn bird and considered weak by any Male, Alpha or not. So on her eighteenth birthday she should be happily bound to her Alpha-Male.  

But that isn't going to happen, when her Bound turns out to be none other than the soon to be King of the Western Hemisphere of Wolf's meaning that Half of the World of the Wolf is under his control. And he doesn't want a weak Female because he doesn't believe she'll be able to do everything that needed to rule Wolf's. Heartbroken and weak she leaves her lavish home and sets out to change. 

Five years later an Alpha-Female that is boundless has risen to become a First ranked Alpha meaning that she'll accept a seat in the High Council. Alpha Kinsely who is Harmony. She takes up her seat and finds not only that she has to deal with an outbreak of Hybrids that threaten the Wolf's but her Bound the Prince who wants everything to do with her when she has moved on and wants nothing to do with him. 
But will she have the strength to resist his attempts or will her weakness to dissolve the bond they share be her undoing in that matter. It'll take everything she has to show him just how bad it is to piss off an Alpha-Female. Because only a Wolf can serve the best Revenge.

Cover By: Amazing Cover by @_ladylucifer!!!!!

Finished May 9, 2015 at 10:02 am

He's right w the ur not a wolf and wallows in her pity how can she lead a pack part
I honestly hope this isn't a book where she ends up forgiving him the second they meet again
jaydeee94 jaydeee94 Nov 01, 2016
Why did she ignore her wolf in the first place?  Because she was Imperfect?
BlackButlerFanatic BlackButlerFanatic May 27, 2015
I don't have any connections to the black market... not yet at least
theresacrocetti theresacrocetti Apr 02, 2015
interesting start on the regular werewolf stories. the usual bonded and we are so immediately in love make me want to gag so I had my finger twitching to hit the delete story, but I kept reading and you put a different spin on it now I. have to keep going to see what happens.
M1ckeyM0use300 M1ckeyM0use300 Mar 23, 2015
@MickeyMouse300 also sorry about the offensive p party, my phone is off,and ih fatty a ask these autocorrect soo the second g go roundi decided to keep it real short and blunt