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The Bad Boy Title [BEING EDIT]

The Bad Boy Title [BEING EDIT]

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smile_like_an_idiot By smile_like_an_idiot Updated Aug 02, 2016

  To put it straight bad boy's are supposed to be; Rude, mean, criminals, scary, H.O.T, sarcastic, pot heads, alcoholics, motorcycle riders, oh and how could I possibly forget... Complete BAD ASSES.
  But then there's the great Zach Williams the one who owns the title of bad boys every where. It's said he's the worst of the worst. And of course he's; Rude, mean, a criminal, scary, H.O.T, sarcastic, a pot head, possibly an alcoholic, He's definitly a motorcycle rider, oh and how could I possibly forget... A complete BAD ASS. So what's different between Zach and the rest of the bad boys every where? He has a secret. Yes. Yes. I know. ALL bad boy's have a secret big or small, they have a secret. So what's Zach's you might find yourself asking. Let me tell you.
  He's not really a bad boy.
  Yep you heard it. 
  Zach Williams is known all around the state of Florida so how exactly is he not a bad boy. 
  It's easy really. 
  He's hiding under The Bad Boy Title. 
  He doesn't want anyone to know that under that title there's a little boy who's lonely and is looking for a friend. Or more? Some would call it a mask. Some would call it a cover up. But I call it his facade. And this all unfolds when he meets Isabella Martinez. 
  I'm not saying this story is cliche... But I'm not denying it either!!!!! ;)

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