༄ marvel roleplay

༄ marvel roleplay

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⇢ smut is not allowed. We can take it to pms or time skip it

⇢ there can be mentions of alcohol, depression, suicide, drugs, and stuff like that. There's not anything that you can say that will offend me. That's real stuff and it actually happens

⇢ you roleplay my crush, I roleplay yours. And if you don't have one then at least give me someone to play for you 

⇢ make this roleplay descriptive, three- four lines minimum

⇢  no overpowered characters. Don't make them extremely perfect either. People have flaws, and so your oc's should too. 

⇢ the password is your favorite marvel character. Comment it when your doing reading this 

⇢  if I don't answer then wait at least a couple hours before tagging me

⇢ yes we can do oc x oc, canon x oc, or canon x canon

⇢ all unanswered chains will be deleted in two weeks unless you tell me you'll be gone for that long before hand 

⇢ don't make it all about your oc. I won't answer  if you do a full par...