My Prince Charming (Aaron Shore fanfiction)  Designated Survivor

My Prince Charming (Aaron Shore fanfiction) Designated Survivor

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Samantha Guerriero By oncegirl26 Updated Aug 16

This story is going to be about Designated Survivor Aaron Shore and a love interest. The story won't be exactly how it goes but I will try and follow up how the story goes. The main character's name is Olivia Booker. Olivia Booker is Alex Kirkman's daughter. Alex had her before she even met Tom Kirkman, Oliva's step-father. Oliva loves her two younger siblings Leo and Penny. Oliva doesn't have that much of a good relationship with her step-father. But Oliva works at the White House and she's had a really bad past with some things we will be going over. Also in this story, Penny and Leo will also be in the book more. Well, this is all I'm telling you for now if you want to know more than you are going to have to start reading when I update.