Tattooed Heart

Tattooed Heart

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Tattoed Heart


It was Jade's first day at school and, of course, she was a nervous wreck, her legs shaking already as she entered her mom's car.

-Everything will be alright pet, there's no need to be nervous.- Norma soothed her, momentarily turning her head to look at her daughter and smile reassuringly at her before starting the car.

Jade nodded slowly. Her family had moved, so she'd had to change schools, something that she was dreading from the moment they'd told her. The only thing that really bugged her and made her feel uneasy was knowing she was gonna be the new kid, and having to introduce herself to a class full of students didn't really excite her. Talking was never really easy for her, socializing was never something she could do, not without stuttering and making a fool of herself. Just as her mind was wandering, her mom waved a hand in front of her face, snapping her out of her thoughts.

-Jade, we're here, have fun on your first day!- her mother told her, handing...