Will I Ever Be Normal? (Kotlc Fanfic)

Will I Ever Be Normal? (Kotlc Fanfic)

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ⓩⓐⓐⓚⓘⓡⓐⓗ By SuperKotlcFangirl Updated Feb 15

This is immediate after Flashback ends and it's what I wish could happen in Legacy.

There are no Legacy spoilers so far in the story.And even if you have Read Legacy please read this. 

Sophie is struggling she needs to find a way to get Tam back from the Neverseen, but what happens if the Never seen has different plans for Sophie and her friends.What happens when this plan is the one that could destroy the peace of the entire Elvin world forever.

If you wish to read this story I hope you like and enjoy it.

*Disclaimer all characters belong to the amazing Author Shannon Messenger*

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