Harry Potter & The Soul Bond

Harry Potter & The Soul Bond

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Bella Cullen By BellaMCullen Updated Feb 26, 2017

Harry Potter had always loved Hermione, ever since they saved Sirius on the back of a hippogriff at the end of their third year of schooling at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry. On the day of Harry's adoption he confesses his love for the brightest witch of their age, the kiss brings forth a SoulBond. One of the purest in wizarding history.

As the new Mr and Mrs Potter arrive at Hogwarts how will Ron react when he hears the news the girl he likes is married to his best friend? How will Ginny react when she realises the boy she's loved since she was eleven years old is lost to her forever? And finally how will Draco react when he finds out who hid new cousin is?

Join me and find out.

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Tiffany1567 Tiffany1567 4 days ago
Wow, it's been forever since I've seen my manipulations in graphics, beautiful job on that.
CandiceHall5 CandiceHall5 Feb 27, 2017
OMG OMG OMG I'm doing a happy dance right now like you would not believe. I can't wait for more. I've always liked the idea of these two together.
DennisDaugherty6 DennisDaugherty6 Feb 27, 2017
Please update soon I love this story 👌👏😆😂😉😊
jacobpaul jacobpaul Feb 27, 2017
can not wait for the next chapter hope it is up soon love your books
FeridaLeme FeridaLeme Feb 26, 2017
Please don't make Harry change his last name to black or have him and Sirius do this blood potion thingy it's really off-putting in the other fanfic I read
Princess-of-the-Pen Princess-of-the-Pen Apr 19, 2016
Harry: Do you know about soul bonds?
                              after Dumbledore comes.
                              Harry: Soul bonds?