Her Broken Alpha (A Dystopian M/F  Omegaverse Story)

Her Broken Alpha (A Dystopian M/F Omegaverse Story)

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A dystopian m/f omegaverse story.  Sequel to Choosing Her Alpha.  Each is a stand alone novel; however, characters from the previous book will be mentioned. This title premiered on the free platform Wattpad in 2019 is no longer accessible. It is undergoing revisions and edits and will be available in 2020 via Amazon.

This story includes mature themes of sexual scenes, noncon, dub con, and power exchange. Reader discretion is advised. 

Naya has her life all planned out.  Being a fertile omega, she has already chosen who her alpha will be. Crispin is just the kind of man she wants to marry, which is to say he is not a controlling domineering alpha.  Sure, sparks aren't flying, but that's not what she's learned to look for.  Her mother and sisters aren't in whirlwind romantic marriages and they are all content and in control of their lives.  And that is what Naya will have with Crispin; control.  Everything is perfect till the night before her mating ceremony.  Naya wakes up in a drug induced nightmare with no idea where she is or how she got there with her heat upon her.  In this state she is dragged before a monstrous prime alpha who has lost himself to his animalistic side.  What choice does she have but to submit to the monster?      

(Thanks @JenGrey for help with this  blurb!)