The Girlfriend Dare (DISCONTINUED)

The Girlfriend Dare (DISCONTINUED)

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D A N N Y / 다니 By ElloImDanny Updated Mar 06, 2016

Autumn Summers. She's not too popular but she has enough friends to live life. There's only one thing. They're super social and adore boys and she doesn't.

Hunter is the popular guy. Always has a friend to back him up and love sports. Autumn wonders how he got popular even though he's selfish, a player, mean and downright weird to Autumn. 

Of course, they were never meant to be until Hunter does something that changes his life. He needs a fake girlfriend and only someone who won't turn into his super clingy ex girlfriend, Kristen. Just when all hope was lost, the very girl he doesn't expect comes up to him. Autumn Summers. 

 Could their relationship go from hate to friends to 'I Love You'? 

"Could I be your fake girlfriend?"

Cover by yourstrulytrina

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AShhXlEYY AShhXlEYY Feb 05, 2015
Did they just kiss?!.. .. Idk whether to be excited or worried.. Lol hmm.. 
AShhXlEYY AShhXlEYY Feb 05, 2015
Lol that was sooo cheesy..  But definitely pretty smooth.. Haha smh.. 
ElloImDanny ElloImDanny Dec 23, 2014
@lauren4657 Oh. I'm really sorry but I don't really do that.  I'll check your profile anyway though. Sorry again.
ElloImDanny ElloImDanny Aug 06, 2014
@curiousraccoon Actually, her parents are very festive as you read through the book but you see more of Hunter's parents actually.
ElloImDanny ElloImDanny Aug 06, 2014
@curiousraccoon I know! Their parents thought it was a good idea. Also her middle name is May which is a month of spring so yeah
ElloImDanny ElloImDanny Jul 24, 2014
I want to say thank you for getting me on 100 reads! Please please please please share and all that good stuff so more people can read it! XD