Fight For Me (Larry Stylinson fic)

Fight For Me (Larry Stylinson fic)

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"So, we're friends?" Louis asked timidly, his blue eyes looking up at Harry through his lashes, Harry's chest suddenly feeling all weird.

    Fuck everything. His life really was one big mess at the moment but maybe he should just go with the flow and see what happens. Couldn't get any crazier than it already has been anyway.

    "Yeah... we're friends."

    [Or the one where Harry's an underground boxer, Louis' the prize and now Harry has to fight to protect him]

AshleyJouns AshleyJouns Jul 12
Haha Harry if only you knew what is gonna happen in them few weeks.
If it's LOUIS I swear...
boatengama15 boatengama15 6 days ago
Same I don't think they're really a couple but I like their fanfics
Ok I know it's been a while since this but it's one of my favorite stories and I miss it so much!!!! I read the story like 10 times and I love it every time a little bit more ❤❤❤
AshleyJouns AshleyJouns Jul 12
My poor baby...oh god Harry, if you don't take good care of him I will shove my laptop up your arse!
Harry as me, I feel so bad for all the plants I ever had in my life