Miles Away

Miles Away

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What happens when you leave your heart with the one who’s miles away?

Meet Jagger Linden – Lead singer to up and coming rock band Fight the Fury with enough issues and one night stands to write twenty albums. His dream? To tour the world with his best friends and add to the list of girls who worshipped him. 

Meet Ella Montgomery – Resident good girl who’s tired of life in Everest Hills. Her dream? Get her degree and get the hell out of her town for good. 

When the two cross paths on one of Jagger’s one night stands, both of their lives take a sharp turn into the direction neither one of them expected. While Jagger’s left with a change of pace and Ella’s left with a change of heart, they’re both left testing the question: Were relationships really meant for the road?

  • accident
  • baby
  • band
  • boy
  • breakup
  • cheat
  • concert
  • date
  • distance
  • drinking
  • girl
  • heartbreak
  • hurt
  • issues
  • kiss
  • love
  • lyrics
  • marriage
  • memory
  • mistakes
  • musician
  • party
  • pregnancy
  • problem
  • problems
  • road
  • romance
  • secret
  • singer
  • song
  • songs
  • tour
  • trust
Ella Montgomery
                              Byran Montgomery
                              Aria Montgomery
                              Mike Montgomery
                              Anyone see where I'm heading? 😂😂😂 
                              Pretty Little Liars (its on Netflix... Watch it!!)
WandsAndHamilton WandsAndHamilton Jun 30, 2016
Congrats, you did everything that's expected of a parent raising a child?
KeepItBasic KeepItBasic Feb 24
I have no words. 😰 I wanna punch them in the throat. What kind of parents do this? Tell me and I'll beat their ass! 👿😡😡👊👊👊
silly_utterance silly_utterance Jun 05, 2016
I like the way you write your book.In fact,I'm jelly oh god hahahahshs
PiperDove PiperDove Apr 17, 2016
From the part when the dad says that he needs to be respected to this part, my brother and dad had this exact argument with closely related words.
kiarapeterson kiarapeterson Apr 02, 2016
You have beautiful writing:) you really don't find someone like you on this app