Boss! William Afton and Henry Emily x Reader (Completed)

Boss! William Afton and Henry Emily x Reader (Completed)

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In the gloom of night, standing like a guardian before the front doors of Freddy Fasbear's was the imposing form of William Afton.

"You don't intimidate me, Mr. Afton." You cast him an unimpressed expression, turning your back to him.

"Being non-threatening is my specialty." He purred, moving in closely behind you and leaning over your shoulder. "You wouldn't believe what I get away with." 

He watched you closely as if he's decoding and analyzing your expressions.

"Go home, y/n." William said quietly, his words severe and devoid of kindness, each punched with intense foreboding. "Go live your life while you still can. You're dismissed."

CW: Contains Major Fnaf The Fourth Closet (3rd novel) spoilers ahead. This fic is based on the official novel's lore and set before them on the timeline in 1988. William is younger so he acts differently than his older self. There are brief hints of self harm and suicidal thoughts Chapter 6 onward, as they pertain to the official canon lore.