Living With The Biggest Knuckle Headed Ninja! (Naruto Fan Fic)

Living With The Biggest Knuckle Headed Ninja! (Naruto Fan Fic)

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Harmony Akako lost her parents when she was eight years old. Don't worry, it wasn't because her family was "powerful" or had a gekki genkai. Far from it since they just owned a family restaurant. From hearing stories about the Leaf Village's ninjas she decided to go there after she lost her parents. 

Now she lives with biggest knuckle headed ninja! Naruto always makes her life pretty interesting for her. Harmony and Naruto have a great friendship, but it's possible they become something more. 

When people think Harmony is just a cute little girl it's ruined five seconds later when she curses like a sailor. Hopefully she doesn't have to use her black belt in smack talk to knock some sense into some of these total creeps thare are creepin' around. (Hint hint OROCHIMARU hint hint.)

Warning: I apologize for the bad grammar and possible offensive jokes in this book. It was stupid of me to think some of them were funny at the time and I've changed the ones I've noticed, but haven't gone back through to hardcore fix them. My apologies.

Hayoen Hayoen Jan 07
why did she marry a dog? better yet, why did KIBA let her marry his dog?
Hayoen Hayoen Jan 07
i would like to know too. maybe it's just crazy fangirl imagination
Sailor_Mouth Sailor_Mouth Oct 30, 2016
How awkward.... Wanting to tap your bestfriend/lover's father....
hermionebooklover hermionebooklover Sep 21, 2016
If you think Iruka's hair is like a pineapple, wait till you meet shikamaru
tri-force66 tri-force66 Sep 08, 2016
Shut up b****!! your just jealous because she wants to f*** him
blue_burst16 blue_burst16 Dec 26, 2016
Why would you want to grow out hair. It will only be a huge problem in the end?