The Mating Cult

The Mating Cult

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Best friends are there with you through thick and thin, they understand you better than anyone. Although Natalie has recently realized those you trust most, abuse it more than anyone else will. She leaves her dorm for one night she comes back to catch her boyfriend and her best friend in her bed together. Natalie breaks up with her long term boyfriend and demands that her 'so called' best friend moves out. 

Although, half way through the school year there is no chance for another room. So Natalie, looking for any excuse to leave, and stumbles into a world she only thought existed in books. 

Two alphas, from separate packs fall for her and start fighting for her heart, torn between the two worlds Natalie must decide which world and which mate, but once the pain is over, it's time to pay her so called best friend a visit. Don't you agree?

  • cheater
  • college
  • revenge
shymartian shymartian Apr 05
my name is abigail, and my little sisters name is natalie. what a coinkydink.
keeplowkey keeplowkey Dec 04, 2016
Ummm wow judgmental just because some girls like pink stuff or whatever does not mean they can't do anything for themselves
1D_lindsaygrace 1D_lindsaygrace Sep 13, 2014
We'll let me tell u Harry Styles and Niall Horan are not deformed their dimples are perfection❤️❤️❤️
Jessica_J Jessica_J Aug 02, 2013
Good chapter, but I (no offense intended) agree with the roomate on the music.
                              But then again, most people hate my music, (classic rock, 90s R&B and hiphop, Jimmy Buffett, Bachata) I don't know anyone that likes everything I like.