Magcon sex slave

Magcon sex slave

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kalahh190 By kalahh190 Updated Aug 29, 2014

My name is katherine im 16 years old and i live in LA. 

Katherines POV*

I woke up from my bed with a note was taped on my forhead that reads "come downstairs when your up and bring your suitcases - mom." i had no idea what she ment by suitcases but then i looked by my bathroom and saw 2 pink and black suitcases. So i took a shower and brushed my hair and teeth, put on a pair of white shorts and a pink crop top and went downstairs. 

"Mom what do you need?" I said

"Oh your owners are about to be here" my mom said


"9 boys have bought you"

"To do what???" I started crying

"You are thier sex slave you must do whatever they please" 

Tears ran down my face.

"But why mom?" 

"Since your dad died we have no money and i sold you for 2000 dollars"

I sat on the stairs crying.

"stop crying you slut" my mom said

I started crying harder.

I felt a burning sensation on my cheek, my mom just slapped me. 

*there was a knock on the door*

"Your owners are here" she said

I got up,...

  • cameron
  • caniff
  • carter
  • dallas
  • epsoinosa
  • gilinksy
  • grier
  • jack
  • johnson
  • magcon
  • mathrew
  • mendes
  • nash
  • reynolds
  • shawn
  • slave
  • taylor
mcryro mcryro Apr 24, 2016
Well. I'm starting to think that she's not a very good mother.
skythebest01105 skythebest01105 Feb 19, 2016
Im worth 10000000000000000000000000047473837749!9263383982637493936484936383937483938364480253389228536939336389273363992638393644747494747478449474793836493836493834646839364478483646473893844484747489373672000000 and 9000000000000000 cents that how much im worth
mcryro mcryro Apr 24, 2016
Stop being a betch, mother. Dad probably killed himself cause of you. Hoe.
PrincessSophiaSotelo PrincessSophiaSotelo May 04, 2016
caitlyn787 caitlyn787 Nov 19, 2016
Shawn with the 9.1" and Cameron with the 7.8" big or little difference😂
makeyourownbeats112 makeyourownbeats112 Jun 13, 2016
Ok get a job a stripper mom like u can't put a price on me I would have slap her so hard