Magcon sex slave

Magcon sex slave

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kalahh190 By kalahh190 Updated Aug 29, 2014

My name is katherine im 16 years old and i live in LA. 

Katherines POV*

I woke up from my bed with a note was taped on my forhead that reads "come downstairs when your up and bring your suitcases - mom." i had no idea what she ment by suitcases but then i looked by my bathroom and saw 2 pink and black suitcases. So i took a shower and brushed my hair and teeth, put on a pair of white shorts and a pink crop top and went downstairs. 

"Mom what do you need?" I said

"Oh your owners are about to be here" my mom said


"9 boys have bought you"

"To do what???" I started crying

"You are thier sex slave you must do whatever they please" 

Tears ran down my face.

"But why mom?" 

"Since your dad died we have no money and i sold you for 2000 dollars"

I sat on the stairs crying.

"stop crying you slut" my mom said

I started crying harder.

I felt a burning sensation on my cheek, my mom just slapped me. 

*there was a knock on the door*

"Your owners are here" she said

I got up,...

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  • caniff
  • carter
  • dallas
  • epsoinosa
  • gilinksy
  • grier
  • jack
  • johnson
  • magcon
  • mathrew
  • mendes
  • nash
  • reynolds
  • shawn
  • slave
  • taylor
mcryro mcryro Apr 24, 2016
Well. I'm starting to think that she's not a very good mother.
skythebest01105 skythebest01105 Feb 19, 2016
Im worth 10000000000000000000000000047473837749!9263383982637493936484936383937483938364480253389228536939336389273363992638393644747494747478449474793836493836493834646839364478483646473893844484747489373672000000 and 9000000000000000 cents that how much im worth
mcryro mcryro Apr 24, 2016
Stop being a betch, mother. Dad probably killed himself cause of you. Hoe.
PrincessSophiaSotelo PrincessSophiaSotelo May 04, 2016
makeyourownbeats112 makeyourownbeats112 Jun 13, 2016
Ok get a job a stripper mom like u can't put a price on me I would have slap her so hard