Nowhere Left To Go (Book One)

Nowhere Left To Go (Book One)

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Completed. Book #1 of the Nowhere Series. 

Charlize has never lived a normal life. From the constant car trips, too the fact that she can't remember a thing about her childhood. Her life is an unsolved puzzle. There are too many missing pieces, and none of them are fitting together accurately. She is living a life she can't remember. 

Nathaniel Cooper just wants what is best for his younger sister. He is her sibling, mentor, older brother, but more importantly - guardian. Even though he is keeping terrifying secrets from her, at the end of the day, he is protecting her. From the world. From everything. He is living a life filled with unwanted secrets.

Cody Cooper is living a life in the shadows. Fighting the people who want him dead. Protecting the people he loves. Hiding from the terrible truths of his life. He's done a lot of bad stuff in his life - things that he regrets deeply. He is living a life hiding from the truth.

❝ "I call the bed," I say once Jordan leaves us to unpack. I'm not even going to bother unpacking, even though I know Nathan is going to make me eventually. I jump onto the bed, as Nathaniel rolls his eyes at me.

"You're such a child," he says, but I'm not going to stop. When I do look back at him, I see him grinning. He should be grateful I'm still a kid at heart, not a moody teenager who does online shopping for fun. Well, I am moody, and I do like online shopping - but my point still stands. ❞

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