Lady of the Mysts |  No Longer Available

Lady of the Mysts | No Longer Available

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Queen of the Gummy Bears By Prisim Completed

Forbidden to ever marry or have children of their own, the Ladies of the Mysts are as feared as they are respected. Kidnapped on their eighth birthday, girls who possess The Spark are raised to become loyal members of their order. Their magical ability keeps a Lady of the Myst by the side of every King or Lord in the land, becoming an enforcer to their laws and beliefs.  
    Ezekiel has never feared the Ladies in their silken robes of cobalt. After all, his village hasn't seen a girl taken in over a century. When two members of the order come in the night, abducting his best friend Rowan, Ezekiel vows to rescue her at any cost.
    Years later, his path once again crosses with her captors. When his rescue mission leads to his entrapment, Ezekiel discovers there is more to the mystery of the Ladies of the Mysts than even they realize.


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