Yes, Mr. Demon Boy? (BoyxBoy)

Yes, Mr. Demon Boy? (BoyxBoy)

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Sam was your average beta. He had good friends, good grades, and great looks. To top it off, he had the worlds hottest demon, Damien Rush, pounding him up the asshole every Saturday night. Things were finally starting to look up for Sam after the past he's tried so hard to forget.

But once Sam's fling with Damien becomes a little more than just a crush, the demon leaves town without warning, and Sam's ready to swear off boys and focus on his duties as beta. But you'll never guess who shows up as his interm teacher first day following winter break.

That goddamn demon boy.

(Sequel to The Alpha's Instinct)

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Fifidarios Fifidarios Oct 25, 2017
Me in every situations where some kind of feelings are involved
                              Your crush doesn't even acknowledge you ? Get over it
                              Your best friend stopped talking to you for wtv reason ? Get over it
Rileybear98 Rileybear98 May 06
I can already tell, I’m going to be as annoyed with Damian as I was with Dallas because both are so freaking CLUELESS!!!!
sandhu25 sandhu25 Feb 17
Yep! That rhymed and I really like the last part. I could just imagine the shock😂😂
kpopfanfictionBxB kpopfanfictionBxB Nov 20, 2017
Cameron Dallas and Troye Sivan 😍😍😭😭😭😍😍😌
sandhu25 sandhu25 Feb 17
I really don't understand why we just have to say the words "I am fine" when on the inside we are crumbling under our own loneliness and lies😔😔
whatdreamsrmadeof whatdreamsrmadeof Jul 14, 2017
Throughout all of the first book I was imagining Tracob! I mean they fit the descriptions perfectly... just sayin