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Warrior Cats: The New Course (STILL UPDATING)

Warrior Cats: The New Course (STILL UPDATING)

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Lightning By LightningStrikeTC Updated Jan 25

"The ancient secrets of the forest will sway of a new path for three cats alone."

Everyone knows how Icestar's brother died in the Battle of Darkness. As the false Clan is gone, everyone hopes for peace, but within due time they realize that things are not over yet. The Twolegs begin to eat up the forest, and right below their paws, the caverns are changing the home for all four warrior Clans. As tree falls after tree, Icestar knows that he has to lead everyone away, even if it meant to drag the remaining proud leaders with him. 

Meanwhile, Icestar's kits face troubles as well. Dewkit, born with the looks and name of Dewstar, gets judged daily as if nobody would accept him for it. Ravenkit lets her ambitions get the best of herself. Time and time again, she only causes trouble, and at these extreme circumstances, extreme measures must be taken. Both kits realize that their paths are much different than their Clanmates---especially with a new prophecy on both of their paws. Will all three cats let their true fates take hold, or will they change the course of the Clans with their own hearts? 

* * *

((WARNING: read the first book, Icetail's Enemy, first. You won't understand this book if you do not.))

((DISCLAIMER: Warriors is a series owned by Erin Hunter. This is just a fan-fiction.))

14k reads already published around the 1st of jan2016 smokes
Kyoya2099 Kyoya2099 Jun 02, 2016
I WAITED FOR THE SEQUAL!!!! I started it to days ago which is the first one and I had to find this one XD  I rally love dese books!!!!
-alexus- -alexus- Feb 08
Hey they got her name right! Jk jk no offense pls don't hurt me
StarCrafter StarCrafter May 23, 2016
I really want to get into this fandom. What's the first book of this series?
CherryfangIIEve CherryfangIIEve Jul 12, 2016
SHARPFANG DIS IS UR TIME TO SHINE! *Plays dynamite and sets off fireworks as Sharpfang gets to be deputy and also in slowmo with spotlights pointed on him*WOOOO OVER SPECIQL EFECTS!
the_REAL_cat the_REAL_cat Oct 04, 2016
                              offence (XD) but that is just no