Confined || A Holocaust Story (Editing)

Confined || A Holocaust Story (Editing)

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Hana is a young world-renown violinist in the heart of Vienna.  When the Nazi regime gains momentum, her Jewish heritage is defied and looked down upon. Everything changes. And the perfect life she meticulously created for herself shatters, along with her perspective of the world.
Falling for the enemy, fleeing the country, experiencing resentment, hiding from the SS, facing betrayal, death, deportation, heartbreak, and enduring life in a concentration camp, she loses everything.
Her delicate life barely hangs on a thread, the weak fibers intertwined by her love of music, the four strings on her priceless instrument, the rich sounds that roar from her heart. 

Yet it is a thread that could be cut by one man alone, the man of the past, the man who has shattered her heart into a myriad of pieces she cannot place back together, yet he molded her into a grown woman who is stronger, wiser, an incandescent ray of light, because there is hope in the darkness. 

What would you do if the last single strand of your beating heart was to be cut by the hands that have murdered thousands?

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This is absolutely fantastic. Already I am hooked into this story. Your way with words is extremely good and I am jealous at the way you wield them. I look forward to reading the rest of this story. Well done, you should be proud ☺
Army7proof Army7proof Jun 19, 2017
                              Baeeee @sweetlikeapeach read this historical fict. I recommend and you must to live it since you cant move on w/ nina aryo HAHAHAHAHA
-afterlavghter -afterlavghter Nov 12, 2017
I love this book, and your writing is absolutely brilliant! Very excited about how it’s going to turn out when you’re done editing! 🧡
AngelEyesSuga AngelEyesSuga Jul 10, 2017
Oh my, that trailer was very captivating. Now I'm very looking forward to reading this story. And Natalie portman that's a bonus!!!!
bradmcquaid bradmcquaid Mar 08, 2016
I love this so far. I'm Jewish, and it's extremely hard to find a book with a Jewish character, but much less a book that actually talks about our history. You're an amazing writer and the descriptions are out of this world. I can't wait to continue :)
starwarsanv starwarsanv Jan 28, 2016
This is a surprising simplification made by the narrator -- interesting