Love or secrets

Love or secrets

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Sam Anderson, a daughter of famous soccer coach Jason Anderson and a sister of famous football players Andrew and Thomas Anderson, starts UCLA as a student with not one but three scholarships, for soccer, football and boxing.

James Williams, a bad boy of UCLA, every girls dream and every boys threat, best athlete that UCLA has seen in a long time...well for now.

When Sam starts UCLA, she and James will see each other as threats on the field, but what happens when that starts happening off the field and James finds out Sam's biggest secret? And what will happen when between all that competing with each other love stars getting involved? And maybe something or someone else???

"Rose..."he said. "Please change the nickname already" "Right sorry. Well if your nickname is that important to you, than why don't you chose?"know he was getting closer and closer to me, cupping my cheeks. "Haha okay, chose between what?" Know i could feel his breath on my lips. 'Just say it already so i can kiss you' i thought. "Chose between... bitch or filthy liar" he said. Then i backed away from  him. "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME?"i said, and i could feel tears forming in my eyes. "Oh now you are pretending you don't deserve them? Don 't be so pathetic and just be honest with me!" 

Oh fuck...

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