I stole the bad boy's cigarettes

I stole the bad boy's cigarettes

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Isabel By xxAngelCandyxx Updated Jul 04

NOTE: This book starts off really cringy. I wrote the beginning when I was a lot younger than I am now and I promise you the book gets better the longer you stick around to read it. It needs major editing which I will do in the future.

Alex and Iris haven't always gotten along. 

They have a different kind of love. The kind that's hard to explain. The kind of love even they don't understand.

The kind of love that only going on a journey through life will explain. Just as life has ups, it also has it's downs.

That's just life. They will learn how to deal with it.


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- - Mar 27
When your dream guy is Dylan O'Brien but he is already playing someone
Lol my best friend is dating a guy online and he's Latino and he's like what 18? 19? Idk but she's 16 and well eh I don't really care cuz I mean he's Latino and he's hot🤷‍♀️
_jacky_xx _jacky_xx Jan 16
Things are moving way to fast like Emily just met Max and now they are dating and also what happened with Iris breaking up with her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend because I don't recall that happening🤔
Wtf you can't cancel birthdays I would've cried of my mom did that
Autumn5767 Autumn5767 Sep 05, 2016
The story is pretty fast and I don't think she would have time to process anything I mean like what happened to her boyfriend