Mr. FBI = saved me? |  Book [1]  Red Tape Series

Mr. FBI = saved me? | Book [1] Red Tape Series

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Description: Zachary Eastwood has lived an eventful life, Joining the FBI at the young age of 20. Being on the force for 4 years now ( which makes him 24),  never in his young life did he imagine joining a slave trade operation, would lead him into the life of fatherhood.

Kim Ava  Has lived in an eventful life of her own,  being separated from her mother at the tender age of three.  being kidnapped and sold to the Korean Mafia.  Then sold again and again and again,  going from one horrible place to another.  Until she turned the age of 10 and she was put up for auction for the highest bidder to have her,  and she never thought she would see the light of day  until she said: " Mr. FBI,  saved me?"

Child Abuse
 Child Slave Trade
 Sad Moments
 Trigger Warnings

= If you don't like any of these please do not read this story,  if you do I value your time in considering to read this story. Yes, I know it's a sore topic, but it must be talked about " why"  you might be asking yourself because North Korea has the highest percentage in the slave trade in the world (  4.4%)  it's sad but it's true. (If you would like to read more about this go to
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