Letters To A Poor Boy || Nouis

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Louis Tomlinson is rich. Completely, utterly, filthy rich. His parents are some of the richest in the world. He's living the life in his four-story mansion, super hot girlfriend, and a very, very nice ride. The thing is, all he cares about is himself.
    Niall Horan is poor. As in, has no home, poor. He's able to stay at a local orphanage in his hometown, but it's not much of a home anymore. He's able to stay only by helping out at the shelter. He does everything and anything to help others around him.
    Complete opposites, yet completely the same.
    What happens when these two young lads are brought together by a series of letters?
You sir need a high five
                                    In the face
                                    With a chair
                                    Made of iron!
I like how louis is being a total aśs hat and Niall is being a sweet angel
I wanna do that tip toeing in my Jordan's dance all over your face right now you prîck
@diamond_bullet because for some reason my last comment was reported?
WHAT? I thought you didn't go to your parents parties, Louis William Tomlinson
Hey, I have a theory. If Niall is meeting Harry and Liam, maybe Louis will meet Zayn