My New English Teacher ( a zayn malik fanfic)

My New English Teacher ( a zayn malik fanfic)

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maria mikaelson By lovelybones101 Completed

 Hello My names is Amelia Adams. I am 17 turning 18 in just two weeks which is exciting to be honest. I live with my older brother Eric hes twenty-two and is a student in college.

My parents are divorced and been divorced for several months now. I moved in with my brother because i got tierd of moving back and fourth from my mom's place to my dad's place.

My brother welcomed me with opened arms which was suprising but understandable. It was a two bedroom and two bathroom.

It also had a pool which was fun. 

Right now im in bed sleeping when i feel my bed being shooken.

" Hey wake up Christmas break is over get ready for school." i hear my brother say.

" no let me sleep " i mumbled

" get up right now or i will throw a bucket of ice water on your bed now"

"fine im up im up"

He left the room so i got out of my bed and tried to pick a outfit. i grabbed some black high top converse, some camoflage skinny jeans and a Guns n Roses t-shirt.

I also grabbed some dark blue underwear with...

If someone did that to me like a teacher or someone I'll be expelled or suspended because no one touch my phone except me myself and I