Shattered - a Fairy Tail Fanfiction

Shattered - a Fairy Tail Fanfiction

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Laura By Toxic-Angel Updated Mar 09

"Lucy, get away from there!" I heard Levy's faint scream, but I never listened. 
"Lucy, do you wanna kill yourself? Get away from there!" Cana joined in, as well as the other's, but I still didn't listen.
"Luce!" I heard the one voice I did not want to hear, and this voice sealed my future, so I jumped right into the darkness, leaving my friends behind. 

These girls are shattered. Shattered by the people they loved the most, kicked out of the guild they once called their home, and followed by a mysterious stranger. These girls have a journey, and every girl has a purpose but this purpose goes hand in hand with death, misery and sadness. Their way is dark, will they be able to resist, or will they fall for the darkness? 
Their world is bound to fall apart, and only they can protect the people they love, will they make it in time? 

Lucy, Levy, Lisanna, Wendy, Juvia, Cana, Mirajane, Erza and Evergreen are being kicked out from the guild, kicked right into their destiny. Find out what happens on their journey...

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AuthorofKillingPeopl AuthorofKillingPeopl Aug 08, 2017
                              Happy : 😿😿😼😿😿😿😿😿😿😿
                              Me: HE'SMYBABYYOUDONOTIGNOREHIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SimpleJustSimplified SimpleJustSimplified Sep 21, 2016
I hated when Lisanna is a b*tch in a FF like jee, she is always nice and helpful :3
BtsGot7InfiresMeh BtsGot7InfiresMeh Sep 11, 2016
Of all the fairytail fanfics I read (which are A LOT) I have onlt read 2 this being the third one where she isn't a evil bish.
i_am_a_fangirl_89 i_am_a_fangirl_89 Dec 10, 2016
Thank god. I'm so glad that Lisanna isn't evil. It's dramatic, and good if the author twists it well, but seriously, it gets annoying.
12Rayne 12Rayne Sep 09, 2016
*freezes in shock* a nice Lisanna in a Fairy Tail fanfiction? *sits down in a daze*
HolyEmmaClaire HolyEmmaClaire Jan 17, 2017
I finished this story quite awhile ago, but now that I can actually comment I just wanted to say how creative and well written this story is! And I also love how Lisanna isn't evil in this, those ones are SO annoying!