The Alpha's Wicked Queen

The Alpha's Wicked Queen

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ᎪsᎬᏁᎪ♛ By MrMendeswifey Updated Sep 15, 2019

❝She is living with roses
With a smell of a wildflower
And an outlook of daisy
A perfect combination of chaos and peace.❞

On the surface, Zariah is living a beautiful life. She is surrounded by a wonderful family and a best friend she adores. Her clever, rational mind shines bright. Every day Zariah grows closer to her aspirations.

But like a flower, Zariah is sustained by roots to something deeper. To something darker. Half of her life hides in the dirt. As her life on the surface continues blissfully in the sun, the tendrils of her dark secret shoot deeper, webbing like the stories she tells. All the while this dark half travels. Down and down toward a magical force.

She continues this double life until someone sees her as she exists. Roots and all.

She struggles to trust anyone, as someone knows her secret and if it's disclosed, the lives of everyone she has ever loved will be at stake. The future of all lies on her and she must navigate the dangerous world around her, confronting the temptations of forbidden love. One wrong move could lead to her death.