Kiss Me Like You Mean It.

Kiss Me Like You Mean It.

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Gabriella Andrews is 19 years old who has had a tough upbringing with her mom abandoning her and her dad away all the time.

Her sister Clarissa is married to a billionaire called Gino.
Gino has a 22 year old brother called Alexandro, who is the ultimate player, who Gabriella has had a thing for since she’s known him, which is for a while. she knows she'll end up getting hurt so she tries to get over him and thinks she is succeeding until due to her sister and the fact he has to stop at her apartment for a while as one of his crazy dates is practically stalking him, parked outside his flat at nearly all day and night.
Gabriella has to spend a lot of time with him, which she's not happy about, how are you meant to get over someone when they are always around? Well you don't.
And how will she cope with him flirting with her all the time and with his smooth talking and walking in on him in the shower?
Thing's start to heat up, and the burning passion just gets too much to handle, for both of them.

Will Gabriella finally get her man that she's been dreaming of for years,or will a piece of her heart be forever missing?

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Hummingxharry Hummingxharry Sep 08, 2015
if gino is her brother in law wouldn't that make Alexandro her brother in law too? correct me if I'm wrong
Lady_Nae Lady_Nae Apr 28, 2015
Doesn't add up to her current age of 19. If she was 7 and her sister 16 when sister met her now husband, and it's been 9 years that they've know him, she'd only be 16 now herself. They'd have to know him 12 years to match her 19 years of age