Damian | The One-Hundred Series | Book 7

Damian | The One-Hundred Series | Book 7

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K. Weikel By renesmeewolfe Updated May 26, 2020

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Everyone keeps saying he deserves a second chance. Little do they know, the darkness still has ahold of him. 

Maybe Cressa-la has forgiven him for what he's done. Maybe Dametria even did before she saved him. But Damian... Damian can't forgive himself. 

The woman he loves is pregnant with his best friend's child. There's no way he's ever want to get between them again, to betray their trust. But there isn't a soul in this world Damian wants or connects with. He was supposed to be with her. After all... they match. 

She just doesn't know it. 

The eclipse brought them closest to one another when they couldn't have been further apart. But now that he has a second chance, sprung back to a time right before he fell so far he couldn't see the light... 

Can he truly change for the better? 


"Hey," I say, very, very close to her ear. She stiffens at the sound of my voice, the smells of salt water and the beach rolling off her in the wind. "If you act suspicious you'll draw attention to yourself. Relax." 

And then I do something I didn't mean to do. Something I've only done a few times, each one taking the both of us off-guard. 

I pressed my lips against her cheek.


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