Awakening: The Rewrite

Awakening: The Rewrite

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Pheoxy By Pheoxy Updated Jun 26, 2010

Ever since we began Human Kind has always wanted to fly, Since the early 1900s we have used aircraft such as planes to fly. But what if you dudn't need anything to fly, because you've already got your wings.

Theia, your average teenage girl gets such a wish fulfilled. But when did she ever wish for it and why her.

(If anyone can help with a description PM me, cause I suck at summarizing things. xD Pheoxy)

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pixiewitch pixiewitch Jun 11, 2010
ok i say this everytime  you re write this story but apprently you dont care!! 
                              its really good keep writing 
                              and PLEASE STOP RE-WRITING THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!! 
                              cant wait to see were you go wiv this 
                              pixiewitch :)
AE_KIrk AE_KIrk Jun 10, 2010
Ooo I'm liking this!
                              Couple of spelling mistakes, but all in all it's a nice little story you got here!
AE_KIrk AE_KIrk Jun 10, 2010
Nice description. A couple of words could be left out, basically just re-stating things- I do that lol. But its a nice start.
pixiewitch pixiewitch May 24, 2010
it is super good contine u it but u used though a lot in those very few sentences and it sounds funny but it is really good !!! cant wait to see what you do with it !!!=D
                              love pixiewitchxoxo