~Shane Dawson Smut~

~Shane Dawson Smut~

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dammit, five more minutes till the bell. ugh, i don't want to leave yet. But, hold on. i know what you're thinking. why the hell would i want to stay in school?, why aren't i excited to get out of class? well, its because of him. Mr. yaw. 

I know i know. its weird to like your teacher. let alone have a huge crush on him. Worst part is, he knows. He knows i like him. it sounds illegal, but heres the thing. We are only four years apart. I'm a senior in high school and I'm turning 19 in two days.

i was daydreaming in class till my friend nudged me to focus. He saw me and was walking over. Oh no, here he comes. "Act cool act cool." i say in my head as i feel the butterflies in my stomach.

Mr. Yaw: y/n, you need help with anything?

he said really low and seductive, bending down really close to me.

y/n: i-i-I'm fine. 

i tried not making eye contact.

Mr. yaw: ok then.

then i heard the bell ring. Everyone was rushing to head out the door, i wanted to stay longer so i let everyone pass ...

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_xxxDelilahxxx_ _xxxDelilahxxx_ Nov 07, 2017
oh my god why did i read this, it kinda nasty cause he’s like a dad to me I’ve been watching him since i was in first grade
PENTUpAnger PENTUpAnger May 10, 2017
You know that author is secretly innocent because of censoring dick
Me: yes!
                              *Mr. Yaw takes out of nowhere a sh*t ton of Taco Bell and his camera* HELLER!!
JessicaCasteel20000 JessicaCasteel20000 Aug 10, 2017
bro, this is making me unciftorable. It's kinda making me laugh Idk why but yea.
UniverseOfSanders UniverseOfSanders Mar 13, 2017
This 13 year olds childhood is ruined. I thought smut was mini cute stories like imagines.... I'm kidding. I know what smut is. I read it all the time. #noregrets
aesthetixlly aesthetixlly Aug 24, 2016
Every time i see yaw, i think of some weird asian dude and i cant see shane in my head but ik thats his birth name plz forgive me