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~Shane Dawson Smut~

~Shane Dawson Smut~

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FanficAnya By FanficAnya Completed

dammit, five more minutes till the bell. ugh, i don't want to leave yet. But, hold on. i know what you're thinking. why the hell would i want to stay in school?, why aren't i excited to get out of class? well, its because of him. Mr. yaw. 

I know i know. its weird to like your teacher. let alone have a huge crush on him. Worst part is, he knows. He knows i like him. it sounds illegal, but heres the thing. We are only four years apart. I'm a senior in high school and I'm turning 19 in two days.

i was daydreaming in class till my friend nudged me to focus. He saw me and was walking over. Oh no, here he comes. "Act cool act cool." i say in my head as i feel the butterflies in my stomach.

Mr. Yaw: y/n, you need help with anything?

he said really low and seductive, bending down really close to me.

y/n: i-i-I'm fine. 

i tried not making eye contact.

Mr. yaw: ok then.

then i heard the bell ring. Everyone was rushing to head out the door, i wanted to stay longer so i let everyone pass ...

PENTUpAnger PENTUpAnger May 10
You know that author is secretly innocent because of censoring dick
This 13 year olds childhood is ruined. I thought smut was mini cute stories like imagines.... I'm kidding. I know what smut is. I read it all the time. #noregrets
Rebeccaann_03 Rebeccaann_03 Aug 24, 2016
Every time i see yaw, i think of some weird asian dude and i cant see shane in my head but ik thats his birth name plz forgive me
XxayomaxX XxayomaxX Sep 27, 2016
OK threw the whole story I thought his name was Mr.Raw 😭😭😭😹😹😹
Teltust Teltust Mar 31, 2016
KimScamander KimScamander Sep 11, 2015
Its midnight and im trying my best to not squeal while reading this and watching Not Cool