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Heather By heater0387 Updated Jul 27

Vanessa- Van- Anderson has just one goal for herself: make her father so angry with her he'll kick her out of the house. It shouldn't be hard. After all, until two months ago, he didn't know she existed. When her mother and little brother died in a car accident, he became her guardian. Without so much as a please, he took her away from the bustling city life she'd shared with her family and moved her into his home- a rambling mansion in a haunting little town called Briarwood. 

Luca Brooks has never lived anywhere but Briarwood, and he knows he never will. His family signed a contract centuries ago. Their continued survival in exchange for freedom. When Van arrives at the Academy, he's intrigued by her- not just because she's beautiful but because she represents everything he can never have.  For one brief moment, he thinks a taste of the new girl might quench his thirst for the outside world, but that hope goes up in flames when he discovers her father is the very man behind his family's imprisonment. 

They're mortal enemies- destined to hate one another, hunt one another, end one another.  Forbidden. 

But sometimes Fate has other plans.

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