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Angel(⛄️) By GamingAngel Completed

Ty and Sky, two different people, two different personalities, but is difference important?

Sky is always the one who was the most popular in school. He always got the best things, clothes, everything. He was funny, likeable, cute, loyal, anything you could ask for a guy. The first to be chosen, the first to score. The definition of perfection.

Ty on the other hand, not so much. Ty was the least popular in school. He got the worst things, clothes, everything. He had a dark sense of humor, he was a bit hard to get along with, shy, lonley, anything you didn't want in a guy. He was the last to be chosen, and never scored. He was the antonym of perfection.
He always didn't like popular kids, or most people in general.

But when Sky and Ty have to work together on a project, things suddenly change. It's like the whole world is upside-down. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't.

Drflugslys Drflugslys Jun 08
Me: I want to be a dinosaur 
                              Friend: why? Because they are cool?
                              Me: because their dead
CookiesAndCreamMC CookiesAndCreamMC Nov 18, 2016
                              Wait I already had dis in meh basically I'm reading dis all over again...? ._. I dun remember
LovesRoss LovesRoss Sep 04, 2016
That sounds like me so dude I'd wanna be friends with him....but also Sky so ya know....
MizukaTheSilent MizukaTheSilent Dec 01, 2016
I pretty much gravitate to make friends with those kinda peeps xD
Super-Rick-Fan-Morty Super-Rick-Fan-Morty Aug 09, 2016
There is no such thing as perfect everything has a flaw even if the person is so awesome it seems that he/she is he/she isn't
Darkpurplebunny Darkpurplebunny Dec 05, 2016
That moment when you didn't read the description and go on to read the chapter, but then you go read the description and then come back to see it's there •-•