If I had Failed   ~Book 2 to If I went to Bayverse~

If I had Failed ~Book 2 to If I went to Bayverse~

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ShadowStar By ShadowMaster93 Updated Dec 18, 2019

Sky/Sarah has unfortunately failed in trying to return to the dimension where her Autobot friends and family were held captive by the Decepticons. Thought to be dead, her friends and family grieve their loss while the enemy praise the stubborn girls death. When truly, she was still clinging onto her life when both her and Blue have been found by a mysterious new character. The new potential ally has brought both of them to his humble abode, awaiting her awakening. 

I'm sorry I couldn't wait!! Ideas just came to me and I had to get them out before they went away! But I bet you guys are happy it's coming out so soon. Cover is in the works as I'm not feeling too good today, so why not write? So cover will change once I'm done drawing and editing it in FireAlpaca and Sony Vegas!