On The Flip Side [ON HOLD]

On The Flip Side [ON HOLD]

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"There are two kind of scars, Shannon," James murmured. "The ones you can see, and the ones you can't. I just had the misfortune of getting stuck with the latter. And, sometimes, it takes more than a shot at redemption to fix something you've broken."

Despite everything he said, I knew he wasn't completely unfixable. He wasn't damaged goods like he thought. Wounds took time to heal, and one day his would be mended as well. 

James Adams may just be the most heart-felt, compassionate boy I'd ever met. 

And, sometimes, all it takes is one look on the flip side to realize it. 


Shannon Hastings wasn't out-going like her cousin, Ella Collins. In fact, she was the wallflower. And, she was perfectly content with being it.

Until she's forced to move away from her familiar town, attend Thompson High, join the cheer leading squad, and meet James Adams - the 'go-to' guy of her school - while he's hot-wiring a car in the back parking lot of the diner she works at.

Life couldn't get more complicated now, could it? 

*WARNING: My main female character curses like a sailor. Don't say I didn't warn you. There will be cussing in this story. Most likely lots of it. Don't ask me to 'change' it*

PS: Frequent updates for this will most likely commence towards the end of October and beginning November.

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I'm not sure if you mind corrections but in this passage say should be day, but I'm sure it was just auto correct, and I'm not even sure if you have edited this chapter yet. Your story us A M A Z I N G
JAMES ADAMS LIKE FROM CHERUB!! I'm probably the only person whose read that series but omg I'm screaming
Wasn't she the girl who pretended to be Ella in Trapped With An Arrogant Bad Ass?
No. I hate socialising. I have one best friend and I haven't left my room during the holidays unless I had to.
FatimaElhami FatimaElhami Dec 12, 2015
Well then why make your own cousin go through what you went through?????
DefyingGravity21 DefyingGravity21 Nov 02, 2015
I'm a flyer on an allstar team and it's exhilarating. I'll never get tired of it