COME.AND.PLAY (James Moriarty FanFiction) *Completed*

COME.AND.PLAY (James Moriarty FanFiction) *Completed*

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Meg :) By xoxLittleLottiexox Completed

*May not follow real storyline* *May contain adult material or suggestive content* 

He lifted his hand to my cheek and stroked it, then he caught my chin to look at him. "You will be staying at my house Kitten. That way I can ensure you do not leave me."

I jerked my head away."Your sick. Why ever did I trust you." I muttered.

He smirked. "Because I intrigue you dear. I interest you. I am much more interesting than you. I excite you." My eyes grew wide. 

"That's it I'm leaving." I walked away and headed to the door. He stopped me quickly, pushing me against the door."My dear Kitten-"

After Moriarty pays a visit to Sherlock and tells him that he owes him a fall, Moriarty decides to get a "live-in one" as he put it. Charlotte, a girl 22 years of age, stumbles across the psychopath and Moriarty decides he has found his "live-in one". What will Charlotte do when he takes her and how will she resist against his charms and passion play? And what tragedies lie ahead for them all?

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Queen_of_Hufflepuff Queen_of_Hufflepuff May 14, 2017
Im watching Sherlock again and I'm exactly at this moment😂
MyLifeSaysNo MyLifeSaysNo Apr 20, 2017
I always like to think that Moriarty messed up on making a heart so he tried to act cool about saying "I O U"
buymeoreos buymeoreos Feb 14, 2017
So hi I'm Greek and while watching Sherlock when I O U popped up I was like Ew. Because this is how it's translated from English to greek. 
                              Why am I still laughing.
TheFANFICTIONerd TheFANFICTIONerd Dec 22, 2016
I feel like it shouldn't be in first person because Moriarty's mind is complicated that I'm sure he'd be thinking many things at once. And if it was in third person, it would seem to give him a more mysterious demeanor.
Reddkay221 Reddkay221 Jan 17, 2017
BOI if this is a direct quote and you've seen this season finale ... the final freaking problem.... then he was foreshadowing ages ahead 😆
JulietStilinski JulietStilinski Jan 31, 2017
jesus christ not the final problem and can't handle anymore emotional trauma