COME.AND.PLAY (James Moriarty FanFiction) *Completed*

COME.AND.PLAY (James Moriarty FanFiction) *Completed*

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*May not follow real storyline* *May contain adult material or suggestive content* 

He lifted his hand to my cheek and stroked it, then he caught my chin to look at him. "You will be staying at my house Kitten. That way I can ensure you do not leave me."

I jerked my head away."Your sick. Why ever did I trust you." I muttered.

He smirked. "Because I intrigue you dear. I interest you. I am much more interesting than you. I excite you." My eyes grew wide. 

"That's it I'm leaving." I walked away and headed to the door. He stopped me quickly, pushing me against the door."My dear Kitten-"

After Moriarty pays a visit to Sherlock and tells him that he owes him a fall, Moriarty decides to get a "live-in one" as he put it. Charlotte, a girl 22 years of age, stumbles across the psychopath and Moriarty decides he has found his "live-in one". What will Charlotte do when he takes her and how will she resist against his charms and passion play? And what tragedies lie ahead for them all?

SuprWhoLockGirl SuprWhoLockGirl 3 days ago
Rereading because I had a dream about Moriarty last night 😂
Did you see Mary Winchester when you looked up to the ceiling ?
I have no redeeming qualities I think I'm perfect for this job
I'm listening to Stayin' Alive . . . when I heard it I had to read a JM fanfic XD
Time_Warped Time_Warped Oct 09, 2015
Why can't I just read it like a normal person? Now I need to re-watch all of the episodes. GET OUT OF MY HEAD SHERLOCK!
Gryffindorkle16 Gryffindorkle16 Jun 30, 2015
I'm reading the whole thing in their voices and I can't stop