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Hannah By Wicked_Lover Completed

*I am in the middle of re-writing chapters which are, quite frankly, embarrassing* 

Harry opened his eyes groggily, but the light reflecting of the perfectly white walls caused him to involuntary close them again. Harry groaned and opened his eyes once more, squinting as the light assaulted his eyes once more.

"Harry, how do you feel?"

Harry furrowed his brows, his aunt had never asked him how he was faring before. He glanced around the room and his eyes widened as they landed on a bulky device stuck into his hand connected to a tube. He followed the tube up with his eyes and found it to be connected to a bag containing a clear fluid. He realised with a sickening jolt that he was in a muggle hospital but he couldn't remember how he'd gotten there. He knew he was sick, that much was obvious. Dully Harry wondered whether he had fallen and hit his head, which would explain his pulsating headache, or if it was possible that Voldemort had attacked him at Privet Drive.

"What ...

*drinks water* *chokes* *spits out water* *iPad explodes* *falls on ground violently coughing* *stops* *gets up* *brushes off dust* I'm sorry, but WHAT
CallaLilyPotter CallaLilyPotter 5 days ago
I just started this fic. I am loving it so far. So interesting and so sad. Glad that the Durselys started to treat him better.
That sounds fishy man... last time I heard, you had motherfricking cancer!
If harry didn't have cancer, I would think this fanfic was cheesy XD
meme11010 meme11010 Nov 23
This is the best book i ever read on wattpad, keep up the great work
Wait hold on *sips water*
                              *spits it out*