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Hannah By Wicked_Lover Completed

*I am in the middle of re-writing chapters which are, quite frankly, embarrassing* 

Harry opened his eyes groggily, but the light reflecting of the perfectly white walls caused him to involuntary close them again. Harry groaned and opened his eyes once more, squinting as the light assaulted his eyes once more.

"Harry, how do you feel?"

Harry furrowed his brows, his aunt had never asked him how he was faring before. He glanced around the room and his eyes widened as they landed on a bulky device stuck into his hand connected to a tube. He followed the tube up with his eyes and found it to be connected to a bag containing a clear fluid. He realised with a sickening jolt that he was in a muggle hospital but he couldn't remember how he'd gotten there. He knew he was sick, that much was obvious. Dully Harry wondered whether he had fallen and hit his head, which would explain his pulsating headache, or if it was possible that Voldemort had attacked him at Privet Drive.

"What ...

Saralijau Saralijau a day ago
Everyone just wonders what is wrong with Petunia, but even in the books I think she actually did care for Harry all along, she just blamed him for Lily's death... so if something bad happened to Harry she would show she cared for him... I guess.
They turn all nice cos he's gonna die. But i thought wizards couldn't get muggle diseasesM
MaisyEggleston MaisyEggleston 2 days ago
Holy cow😵 I just spilt my butter beer🍻 everywhere 😡
PhoenixGC PhoenixGC Feb 12
That would never happen, even if the director of Harry potter was gay and said "Don't fight! Hug! We are all equal!"
ncispotter ncispotter 2 days ago
😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 not Sirius.... this hurting my heart