It Only Took One Night

It Only Took One Night

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Ficlover17 By Ficlover17 Updated Aug 30

It took one night to change everything. Women with male genitalia, all larger than the average males. The ability to claim a man, women's body's changed all in one night.

  A mysterious bright light covered mobians, changing the bodies of females who were going through puberty or were beyond it. Now the world has been flipped upside down for males. Everything that was once normal has been warped, now the Sonic crew needs figure out what cause it and how to handle the sudden changes in society.

  SEX Warning (It's a book where girls have dicks. How can I not put sex in this?)

This type of porn is know as Futanari/Futa.

  If you like it, there's more in my Oneshots book.

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