Between You, Him & I.

Between You, Him & I.

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29-year-old Rikki Santana is no stranger when it comes to taking her clothes off. Being a stripper for a majority of her adult life, she knows nothing good can come from the night life that she is all too familiar with. 

That is, until she meets Jamie Edwards, a happily married wife and mother who takes the job as the new bartender down at Club Echo. 

It doesn't take long for the two young women to become acquainted and for Rikki to find the best friend that she's always dreamed about in Jamie. 

But growing up alone has it's effects on Rikki and within the few months of their friendship, she's already breaking the number one rule in girl code.

Sleeping with her best friend's husband. And not only that- but she's sleeping with her boss too.

*A short story filled with strong explicit content.*
©Copyright KeKe Biddle 2014 All Rights Reserved.

90s_eraJohnnyDepp 90s_eraJohnnyDepp Aug 27, 2014
*all dats running through my mind* Dave franco Dave franco!!!
that_island_jewel143 that_island_jewel143 Aug 16, 2014
I already know this book finna be good... just with that sentence
Ciarra143foreva Ciarra143foreva Aug 14, 2014
Ok he definitely obviously is a cheater.Like rikki cant be the only one he messed with on jamie . Damn this is gonna be good.
CierraMoore_ CierraMoore_ Aug 03, 2014
if he was that cool about cheating with Rikki then he mustve done it many times before her, smh. lmao