Behind These Masks

Behind These Masks

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Willow Ann  or " Annie" as every one has labeled her,  is the Bell of the town  and rules her school being the most popular girl.  With her stunningly good looks , Willow could easily get any guy she wanted at the snap of her figure. Deep  down,  those violet eyes held a  pain so deep from a scarred and shattered child hood, it was  impossible for anyone to convince her that love was actually real. 
Or was it impossible......

     Cordell transferred from  Montana late September to a small town in Indiana where he comes face to face with a young women  whose past  was transparent to him even through her astounding beauty.  Cordell had no dashing good looks, or a ripped body like a Greek god, nor was he even  charming  the slightest bit. So unlike  the countless boyfriends and tools Willow had played around with in the past, however  the two make an immediate connection.
        When Willow is forced to revisit the place she once called home, now haunted by memories of her past , the deep scares which she had tried so hard to conceal were ripped open, fresh and raw. 
Can she get through the pain or will it swallow her alive, along with the feeling that she is not good enough to be loved by anyone. Will Cordell be able to break through the walls that he understands so well, and love and keep her safe just as he has wanted to from the first day he set eyes on her?

        This book is all about making amends, loving through trials,  bringing dark secrets to light, and.....
          Breaking through deep masks.....

        Warning: Some scenes in this book can get quite heated with sexual content, crude language , 
   and some graphic violence.

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