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[Hakuoki Fanfic] The Rogue Oni

[Hakuoki Fanfic] The Rogue Oni

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Rin ✨ By KerokeroRin Updated Jul 24, 2017

This story is flagged as mature. (OwO;)
    Megumi Kurosawa has lost her father for some years now and has wondered the lands from Edo to Kyoto ever since without knowing what are her goals in life. Survival had been her only choice and thus she lives dressed as a boy, carrying two swords and a bit of cash. Upon setting foot in Mibu though, she encounters Souji Okita, a member of the Shinsengumi, and starts admiring this swordsman, even taking him as a model of some sort.
    Then, one night she saves a woman from two rogue samurais and gets taken to the Shinsengumi headquarters where she learns that she has Oni blood. As she becomes the faithful servant of Isami Kondou and starts living with the Wolves of Mibu, her feelings for Okita start to change. Just when she thought that she could not be any happier by the sides of her now most treasured ones, she is reminded that she is an Oni. Following to events concerning her Oni blood, she is compelled to leave, unsure of ever seeing the people of the Shinsengumi that she came to love as her family.
    A/N: I re-arranged the story quite a bit and somehow inserted a year between the events of Reimeiroku and Sakkuroku
    There are several Toki no Kizuna references in the story. Toki no Kizuna is a game released by Otomate, like Hakuouki. Although not directly, it may serve as a prequel to Hakuouki as it contains exposition about the Oni race from Hakuouki.
    Hakuouki does not belong to me nor does Toki no Kizuna. Only characters exclusive to this fanfiction and story does. All rights reserved.
    P.S. This is my first fanfiction thus I might have many details wrong since I only played the Demon of the Fleeting Blossom game in the entire series. I have watched just a few episodes of the anime too... I apologise for any incoherences and mistakes of any kind. Also, Hakuouki Shinkai is naught.

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haradamary haradamary Mar 16
I knew it from the first time, when you've mentioned Souji Okita... Ooh.. this person must be Okita fans hehehe... first thing what comes in mind is... super!
HakuoukiFangirl HakuoukiFangirl Jul 26, 2016
I think you're off to a really good start. Also, I know how you feel. I just published the first few chapters of my first story and I'm freaking out.