Beastly Beauty

Beastly Beauty

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Demons, beasts, monsters--they are always categorized one and the same. And I admit that I am a creature that relished the moonlight and occasionally turned into a bigger and stronger version of a wolf--a werewolf, a beast even. However, I did not kill for the thrill like a monster--I punished those who deserved it. I didn't defy God like a demon--I defied fate. And in that I found a certain kind of beauty, or at least that's what I told myself. I only did one thing out of the ordinary that a creature like me doesn't usually. I rejected my front of a pack...and threatened him. So, I guess you can categorize  demons, monsters, and beast together because these days, I am on everyone's black list.
- Gale Crescent. 

What happens when two of the world's most powerful werewolves turn out to be mates?
Acceptation can only come after a little bit of rejection, when they are forced to work together against something much more fatal then being mates...

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ArkansasDragon ArkansasDragon Feb 20, 2016
Aye, because there are of course no such things as female leaders, or Alphas. Such otrocity to even consider that!
ArkansasDragon ArkansasDragon Feb 20, 2016
Male only? What, females don't get to it, why? Because males are dominant?
StefLena StefLena Dec 04, 2016
Just by reading the description I thought, Uh? "Gale is the deadliest prey to die for"??? WTWorld does this even mean???. I am  TCTC this story.