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"Nice fishnets, loser. Where'd you get 'em? Hot topic?"

""Nice outfit! Where'd you get it? Thrift shop? Hand me downs since you can't afford new clothes? Oh wait! Let me guess.. you stole it from someone's grandma! And they were dead!"

Bang Chan, bully of the school.

Lee Minho, new kid who's extremely edgy.


"You might think Chan is scary.." Jeongin said to Hyunjin. "But Minho is much scarier."

"How So? Chan's like a whole foot taller than him! He could easily crush him."

"Well.. if you think Chan's gonna win the fight then go ahead. Bet on Chan, trust me it's Minho." Jeongin started. "The two of them are hazards, toxic. They'll kill anyone with just a flick of their finger- I'm really serious though, Minho is worse." 

"Again! How so?"

"One, he's way too nice at first. Two, he's a new kid who stood up to Chan, made Chan speechless and scared his friends. Three, look at his ass! I'd kill for that ass."


"If they fight.. it'll be like fire on fire. The entire schools gonna get burned."

"More like get burned down."


"So what? You're gonna kiss me now?"

"Yeah. Yeah I'm gonna fucking kiss you? Got a problem, new kid?" 

"Yeah, Yeah I do. Maybe you could help me with it."

"Fucking slut."

"Shit- call me that again."


- sexual intentions, mentions of sex, explicit sexual content
- teen violence, incorrect humor
- mentions of self-harm
- inappropriate language
- underage dating (minor with an adult)
- mentions of non-consented sex (brief)
- more to be added as we go one