Sellouts » Levi x Reader

Sellouts » Levi x Reader

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alice ! By humpbaek Updated Jul 27, 2016


❝ For twelve hours, any crime is legal... ❞

It has always been that way for the past few years; it was an annual tradition for America--the annual Purge started at March 21st, 7:00 PM, and ended March 22nd, 7:00 AM, was your duty to keep yourself alive for 12 hours, maximum. You were always safe--you and your closest friends would gather at your place to stock up and get ready for the event, with previous training involved.

But as months went by, you smelled something fishy--every year, you would notice that time was being played with; it was lengthened. Instead of twelve hours of hell, it morphed into a week of hell over time.
As you and your friends hold out for the lengthened week, news is delivered to you that the unstable government has finally collapsed. What will become of the people now? What will happen to America?

But the real question is: Will you be stuck in midst of this chaos forever?

❝ ...let the Purge begin. ❞


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[ companion to ninety-nine, walking dead!au ]

[STARTED: MARCH 11 2016]
[COMPLETED: -----]

[ officially began sometime in 2014 ]


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a snk fanfiction.

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Oh gosh he was one of a kind cuz apparrantly HES MORE POPUULAR THAN THE ACTUAL MAIN CHARACTER
I feel offended (eQuEsTrIAn) because I know many fit, handsome and pretty horses.
O then I better go rob some places for expensive horse tack and breyer horses lmak
                              stop it, Don't get hurt, get some help.
O h ok so now you're going after my son saying he is going to do dirty things to me or something when you havent even thought of yourself or hell, Eren or Jean? Yeah
weebmami weebmami Aug 21
get u a man who takes things from dead people 😩😭😻👏🏼