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It's Just That Crazy

It's Just That Crazy

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Brittany By BrittanyLeigh8 Updated Feb 09, 2015

“Summer, I think we should break up,” my boyfriend of two and a half years tells me one day after our usual Sunday night dinner with my family. 

I nearly choke on my general tso’s chicken and immediately start a very embarrassing and very unattractive coughing fit. When I’m sure my airway is clear again, I reach for my glass of water and chug it down quickly.

I turn to him and stare. “Excuse me?”

I couldn’t have heard him right.

He shifts in his seat awkwardly and looks down at his hands and continues to speak to me. “I think we should see other people.”

I feel as if the wind has been knocked out of me and I try to remember how to breathe again. “Y-you want to see other people?”

Wow. I didn’t see this coming. 

He looks back up at me, tearing eyes away from his suddenly interesting fingernails and meeting my eyes he says, “Yeah. I mean, don’t you agree? Think about it. We’re gonna to be seniors this year. It’s our last year to actually live before we go off to college and everything changes. Don’t you want the full experience?”

When Summer’s boyfriend Matt drops a bomb on her wants to break up the day before school starts back, she’s more than thrown through a loop. She had everything planned for senior year down to the very last detail and a break-up was not in the cards.

Now with her perfect plans are in turmoil she must reconstruct her entire year without the one person who was included in everything. 

No boyfriend, check. One crazy best friend, check. A whole year free from being tied down, check. Throw in a break-in, a party at her hot neighbor’s house, lying to her parents, and an almost arrest and well…things are gonna be just that crazy.

My name is Summer Elise Morgan and this is gonna be a year to remember.

CarGraLan CarGraLan Feb 15, 2016
Oh so you want to crush her heart but in a convenient way as to not make it complicated. Boy I'm digging your grave go jump in it
Lyssamarie1023 Lyssamarie1023 Aug 18, 2016
I read that as genitals and I was like "HOLY GUACAMOLE WHAT KIND OF AUTHOR IS THIS"
I just finished watching edge of 17.
                              And this book just so happens to have a best friend Krista and a older brother for the main character.....
4count 4count Aug 08, 2015
Great job on picking Dylan O'Brian as Brent that's how I was picturing him as
Disastrous_ Disastrous_ Jun 05, 2015
But isn't that shirt covered in sweat..and dirt and all that school related shît
safire500 safire500 May 16, 2015
                              principle is a rule not a person