shawn mendes dirty imagines

shawn mendes dirty imagines

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babyyjackj By babyyjackj Updated Dec 28, 2016

*your POV*

you wake up on the couch next to shawn cuddling you. you decided to go to the kitchen to get a water bottle from the fridge when you here a faint moan in the living room. you ignore it and went to your room to put on one of shawns hoodies from the closet. when you enter the living room you hear shawn moan your name. "y/n" he moans. you went over to him and pulled the blankets off of him to reveal a tent form in his boxers. "oh my god" you whisper to yourself. "babe just blow me already" he says. you gasp at what he says and chuckle a little. then you pullled his boxers down to his knees and blew air on to his length. "stop being such a tease babe" he whines. then you took his whole dick in your mouth and started bobbing. after a while you feel him twitch and he released his juices in your mouth and you licked him clean. then you pulled his boxers back up and laid next to him.

*next morning*

you were cooking breakfest while thinking about what happened last night. you t...

damnwardell damnwardell Jun 23
you are eating your future babies. they could've been yours...
Stitches100 Stitches100 Apr 06
I would do that any day the part part where you blow air ofc :DD
suckmy_dayy suckmy_dayy May 31
My name is Daphne but every one calls me Dayy so... ya I would really like to be in one of ur imagines☺️could u put me wit Taylor Caniff tho?? He's daddy asfff
I don't know if it's too late but anyways, I want... My name is Laura
I'm low-key reading this while listen to "There's nothing holding me back"
Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee please....anshika...