The Elementals: The Elite

The Elementals: The Elite

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Kalista Armstrong By KaliStrong Updated Aug 17

Artemis Armstrong was never a normal girl and she always knew that.

First, she's insanely rich; her parents own major companies and corporations. Also, she's crazy smart; she graduated high school right after turning 16  and as valedictorian of her graduating class, she went to Oxford straight after high school and got her bachelor's degree at 19, got her M.D. and PhD at the same time from Harvard at 23, and now she's in the last year of her residency at 26.

While all of this, and more, sets her apart from others her age, somethings will come and turn her life inside out, upside down, the whole nine yards; making her think her life over the past 26 years was normal. 

Those somethings? The elements. And those that can control them.

Join Artemis on her path of self-discovery, trials, loss, and maybe even some love, not just the familial kind.

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