Dating a Teen Wolf { Liam Dunbar }

Dating a Teen Wolf { Liam Dunbar }

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When Liam gets bit, will he fight the bite? Or fight the instinct to rip out other people's throat? 

With the help of Skye Hale and the rest of Scott's pack, they'll be asking themselves even more questions. 

{Season four, yo'.}

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NannyMari13 NannyMari13 Aug 04
I have had 1 detention (which I skipped), 2 Saturday school detentions and almost got expelled. All my teachers fault because they hate me. Idgaf.
This isn't one of the first fan fics I've read that doesn't have Liam warn the girl/love interest to duck.... CONGRATS WRITER!!!!
In middle school someone used a rock and scratched a dick into the concrete in the courtyard bigger than a grown man and its still there
El_Camino_K El_Camino_K Jul 29
Skye is my middle name. Well one of them. I have a VERY of name
Scott and Stiles are good cop and bad cop you can guess which one is which