Whispered Kiss #Wattys2016

Whispered Kiss #Wattys2016

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Melanie Coetzee By midnightmvelvet Updated Nov 05, 2017

When a man burst out of nowhere and pins you down unexpectedly, your brain goes into a panic. Your eyes dart for the first object within reach, something to use in self-defence but what you never expect is for the robber to kiss you. 

As the cold breeze touches your lips and you're no longer pinned, the man is gone. . .

Ave Vagameer is your normal woman, with normal aspirations until a strange incident leaves her spiralling down the rabbit hole of crazy town. In an effort to help her recover, her friend procures her a job at Affinity Black Inc. A business, which is run by Bladen Black, a rumoured heartthrob but there hides more to Bladen Black than his social persona. A darkness Ave cannot shake. 

However, Ave has no time to involve herself in relationship, nor can she feel weak in the knees, when she has her own demon tormenting her. 

Stuck between her own problems, and the rising threat of new ones, Ave is tossed into a strange, foreign world. A world of blood magic, deceit, surprises and Bladen Black.

Will Ave be able to prevail with the help of Bladen Black? Or will she crumbled under her own demonic insecurities?

  • addiction
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  • dark
  • elementals
  • fantasy
  • handsome
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  • paranormal
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LeePrissy LeePrissy Feb 15, 2016
I'm hoping he's either a Vampire♥♥, angel or demon.... if not, I've lost interest
Onew_is_Mine Onew_is_Mine Mar 21, 2016
Woah. My sister collects sword keychains from different animes.
suede2001 suede2001 Jul 31, 2016
whoa!!! first chapter!..if all the chapters are like this, this'll be good!
- - May 08, 2016
Tbh i would've been like could you hurry up and rob me so i could go home, im sleepy. I turn like this when im afraid and or frustrated
smilelol- smilelol- Jul 14, 2016
I would unleash my hidden Kung fu skills on him, come at me bruv!
midnightmvelvet midnightmvelvet Mar 15, 2016
@WordsAndAll I think I would freeze aswell. And be afraid out of my mind. But survival instincts turns you into a different person.